Methodological and Statistical Issues in Gene-Environment Research

Symposium lectures are currently archived and available upon request. Please contact Dr. Allen Barton at for a copy of the 3rd Annual CGAPS Symposium lecture series.

3rd Annual Symposium, featuring: Dr. Bhramar Mukherjee, University of Michigan Modeling gene-environment interactions. in longitudinal cohort studies: Can interactions be time varying?… Dr. Duncan Thomas, University of Southern California, Epigenetics as a mediator of exposure-response relationships… Dr. Nilanjan Chatterjee, National Cancer Institute, Evaluating gene-environment interaction on absolute risk: Implications for new discoveries and targeted interventions… Dr. Jon Wakefield, University of Washington, Bayesian alternatives to Bonferroni with application to detecting marker-specific treatment effects… Dr. Juan Pablo Lewinger, University of Southern California,Genomewide Interaction Scans: Finding Genes in the Lower Manhattan… Dr. Todd Edwards, Vanderbilt University, Modification of genetic effects on body mass index in African Americans by lifestyle factors… Dr. Jeanne McCaffery, Brown University, Gene x environment interaction in obesity: The contribution of randomized clinical trials… Dr. Alex Todorov, Washington University, RELIEF in the study of gene-environment interactions… Dr. Marylyn Ritchie, Penn State, Searching for the missing heritability in gene-gene and gene-environment interactions… Dr. Katherine Masyn, Harvard University, The potential of regression mixture modeling for characterizing differential susceptibility predicted by genotypic variability… Dr. Tao Wang, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, A gene-based approach for gene-environment interactions.