HARP Foundations

Health and resilience project called Foundations

Understanding how stress affects African American youth and their families

New enrollment is currently closed

We are grateful to all the youth and families who have participated in our study so far. Your willingness to be in the study is helping expand our understanding of how stress gets “under the skin,” and will help us develop ways of preventing unhealthy outcomes from that stress.

Already enrolled?

Our team will be reaching out soon to schedule return visits. If your contact information has changed, or if you have any questions at all, please let us know. Call 706-425-2992 or email harpstudy@uga.edu

What is the study about?

HARP-Foundations is a research study designed to understand how stress affects African American youth and their families and to see if participating in a family-centered prevention program can result in better health and well-being.

Families will be compensated up to $850 for completing all parts of the study.

What are participants being asked to do?

Help us understand how stress affects young people’s development and health.
We will:

  • ask youth to participate in an fMRI scan that takes pictures of the brain
    (see this MRI video to learn more about the process)
  • take samples of blood from the youth;
  • ask parents and youth to complete surveys about their life and relationships.


This will happen through visits at 3 different times over 2.5 years at the University of Georgia.

We will collect data at two different times with a year gap between them.

What’s in it for me?

You will earn up to $550 for the child and $300 for the parent or caregiver, not to mention that you are helping build knowledge about how stress affects African American families.

Who is eligible?

African American families with children between the ages of 10 and 13 who can travel to UGA for research visits. If you are eligible, we will send you more information and then later follow up to explain everything in more detail, answer questions and enroll you and your child in the study if you’re still interested.

What if I have questions about the study?

Call  706-425-2992 or email harpstudy@uga.edu

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