Research Digests

These research summaries and accompanying resources may be useful for researchers and instructors wishing to better understand important concepts related to our work at CFR. See also our archive of the annual Gene Brody Symposium featuring leading researchers.

“Skin-deep” Resilience

Although individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds can and do overcome the odds to succeed in many ways, there is growing evidence that this resilience may be only “skin deep.” Research at CFR and elsewhere has revealed some important factors that affect health outcomes for African Americans.

See the “Skin-deep” resilience Research Digest and resources.

Protecting children’s development from stress and adversity

The effects of stress on children from poverty, racial discrimination and other factors are clear. Increasingly, we understand the power of protective parenting in helping some children emerge with resilience while others do not.

See the Protecting children’s development from stress and adversity Research Digest and resources.