Gene Brody Symposiums

Each year, the Center for Family Research presents the Gene Brody Symposium to the research community. This symposium, named after CFR co-director, Dr. Gene Brody, brings important researchers and thinkers to campus–either physically or virtually–to discuss research related to human development and prevention science. Beginning in 2021, the symposium was presented virtually which allows us to archive them here for future viewing.

Led by Dr. Nia Heard-Garris of Northwestern University, this conversation with Kimberly Noble, MD, PhD–Professor of Neuroscience and Education at Columbia University–explored the relation between poverty and child development including learning more about a ground-breaking study underway to learn if simply reducing poverty alone can affect brain development positively.

UGA’s Sycarah Fisher talks with Sherman James about the development and implications of his “John Henryism” theory. See more related resources on our John Henryism page.