Strong African American Families Program

How SAAF Works

SAAF diagram

SAAF Summary

A seven-week program for youth and parents/caregivers. It is designed to:

Strengthen parent/caregiver abilities

  • To find a balance between firmness and showing love
  • To support youth goals and promote independence

Help youth

  • To develop healthful goals for the future
  • To understand their positive qualities
  • To resist temptation and peer pressure to take part in risky behaviors

Work with families

  • To build family strengths for supporting youth goals
  • To enhance families’ racial pride
  • To strengthen family communication and support

Special Features of SAAF

  • Culturally sensitive based on prior research with African American families
  • Parents and youth learn together
  • Activities address protective and risk factors identified during 12 years of research with African American families
  • Scientifically evaluated and shown to be effective
  • DVD-based program showing positive peer and family interactions
  • Highly interactive to keep participants interested
  • Easy-to-use teaching materials

Ordering SAAF Package and Training

The SAAF Package and Training includes

  • A three-day group facilitator training course
  • Two SAAF DVD Packages that include 6 program DVDs that guide specific program sessions
  • Program materials provided electronically so that agencies can reproduce materials at any time
  • 10 hours of technical assistance provided to facilitators or agency members after the training
  • A promotional DVD that summarizes the SAAF program and includes testimonies from SAAF facilitators and previous participants.
  • A reproducible PDF copy of the SAAF brochure

To purchase the SAAF Package and Training or to get additional information about SAAF, contact Dr. Tracy Anderson by email at or (706)425-2992 or (888)542-3068.

SAAF brochure

SAAF brochure

Watch the SAAF promotional video: