CFR Celebrates Gene Brody

CFR’s founder and former director, Gene Brody, retired this year, and CFR staff, many of his colleagues, family, and friends, celebrated his life and career at the university’s Georgia Museum of Art last week. Guests recalled his stellar career in ground-breaking research, his mentorship of students and young professionals, and his ability to be kind in all his interactions with people.

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Three people talking.
Dr. Edith Chen and Greg Miller, right, talk with Brody at the party. Chen and Miller are research colleagues who traveled from Northwestern University in Chicago to celebrate Brody’s career.

Group of people standing in a circle talking.
From left to right, Robin Nusslock, Steve Kogan, Justin Lavner, Sierra Carter, and Steve Beach chat at the celebration.

Two people talking at a party
CFR’s associate director, Anita Brown and co-director, Justin Lavner at the party.

Brody standing before the audience with a large image of himself projected on a screen behind him.
Brody addresses partygoers at the end of the evening.

Two women sitting at a table with food and smiling at the camera.
CFR’s Ragonda Menefield, right, visits with Dr. Sierra Carter of Georgia State University during the celebration.

People around tables eating, drinking, and talking.
CFR’s Vera Williams and Kimberly Bennett, foreground, enjoying the party.

Beach laughing at something Anderson says.
CFR’s director, Steve Beach, and assistant director, Tracy Anderson, having a laugh.