Georgia Home Visiting Program

Project Summary

Principal Investigator: Anita Brown
Funding Agency: Georgia Department of Public Health
Project Period: 2010-2023


The University of Georgia’s Center for Family Research (CFR) has been operating as the home for the Georgia Home Visiting Program Technical Assistance and Quality (TAQ) Team since the initiation of the HRSA funded Maternal, Infant, Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program in 2010.  This experienced and cohesive team works together to provide home visiting programs with all the training, tools, technical assistance and resources they need to support high fidelity to model standards, adherence to a culture of Continuous Quality Improvement and a solid understanding of the core programmatic components of the MIECHV performance measurements and their importance for telling a story of home visiting.  

The TAQ Team is also responsible for the administration of the Georgia Home Visiting Information System (GEOHVIS) which contains data for all reporting to state and federal entities.  This team supports the use of GEOHVIS by programs to enter their First Steps and home visiting data to aid in compliance with HRSA reporting requirements and other needs as outlined by the Georgia Department of Public Health.  In sum, the TAQ team is dedicated to supporting the vision of the Georgia Department of Public Health Georgia Home Visiting Program team for a strong central intake infrastructure and high quality home visiting in Georgia.     

Home visiting programs require quality core and advanced training opportunities to build and maintain a qualified and motivated home visiting workforce. The Home Visiting TAQ Team employs technical assistance and training leads for the Parents as Teachers (PAT) and Healthy Families America (HFA) models. These leads provide monthly meetings with their models’ program managers and supervisors to provide updates from their model national offices, performance measures updates, GEOHVIS training and professional development opportunities.  These meetings are also used to solicit feedback from program leadership on their needs to ensure that they have the tools and resources they need to be successful.    

The leads also provide training and guidance to sites who are undergoing accreditation through their model national office.  These programs are to provide high quality home visiting services and demonstrate model fidelity through on-going continuous quality assurance process.  The TAQ Team supports these processes by providing technical assistance and training to develop and strengthen practices to achieve model fidelity.      

The TAQ team supports 22 evidence-based home visiting programs funded by the Georgia Department of Public Health across the state (14 PAT programs; 7 HFG programs; and 1 Nurse Family Partnership [NFP] program.  19 of the 21 LIAs have a First Steps program embedded in their system to allow efficient referral into home visiting and other community resources.  Additionally, the First Steps and PAT State Leads support programs operating as “stand alone” programs throughout Georgia (10 PAT programs; 11 First Steps programs).

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